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Big Breakfast In Feb. 2nd, 2007 @ 10:35 pm
For those of you who haven't gotten an SMS this is just to let you know that THE BIG BREAKFAST IN IS ON!

So if you're going to the Big Day Out (or even if you're not) come down to my place between 9am and 11am and fill your self up with food, sunscreen, tunes, and good times! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (and food is damn expensive at so stock up early) so this is the most important part of your Big Day Out. Don't know where I live, then message me on 0403 414 822.

There will also lots of Berocca for those of you having a Big Night Out at either Diplo or Busy P (+friends). So yes come on down! Enjoy!

Speaking of Diplo, if you're not doing anything on Saturday night then... well... you should be doing something and that something is dancing your ass off to Diplo at The Bakery! For you added entertainment you will also find me dancing like a spastic at Diplo (they guys from Datarock came up and personally told me how awesome my moves were last time I busted out to Diplo, who knows what I'll bring this time). It's not to be missed!
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Hello from the Wiinternet! Dec. 22nd, 2006 @ 01:42 pm
Yay! Now I no longer have to take a break playing Wii to check Linejournal! Thank you Wii Browser!

Damn, this took forever to type.
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Noel... as in Gallagher Dec. 15th, 2006 @ 07:22 pm
I have two spare tickets to Noel Gallagher (you know the dude from Oasis) tomorrow night (that's the 16th) so if you anyone out there missed out on tickets and wants to go let me know by messaging me on my mobile (0403 414 822). They're not the greatest seats (they're in the Upper Gallery, seats W5&W6) but they're better than nothing. While it would be nice to get the money back for them ($69.90) it's not that big an issue since it would just be really crap to see them go to waste. This is the guy who wrote Champagne Supernova!!! (a contender for Sam's GREATEST SONG OF ALL TIMES!!! AWARD™ You know you want it!!!

So in short, if you want to see Noel Gallagher tomorrow night at the Perth Concert Hall message me (0403 414 822) and I will hook you up!!!

*unless I've hooked someone else up already in which case you need to learn to be more impulsive*
Current Music: Oasis - Champagne Supernova - (What's The Story) Morning Glory?

Location, Location, Location... Oct. 26th, 2006 @ 11:38 pm
So on Sunday I'm going to be doing shooting one Artrage's 24 Hour Films and I need locations at which I can shoot this thing. However, I have no idea what locations I will need for the shoot until 7am Sunday morning!

So I thought it would be a good idea to make a nice little location database and that's where I need your help! If you have a location that you would be willing to let some very rushed filmmakers take over please let me know. Even better, e-mail me (use my gmail: sam.winzar(at)gmail.com) some pictures and the address so I can show the rest of my group what it looks like. Houses are great, but it would also be really awesome if anyone could get us permission to film at a restaurant/cafe, office, alleyway, park or some other location that pops up frequently in scripts.

Of course anyone who helps out will receive a huge IOU and anything else I can dig up to show my appreciation.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm Back! Aug. 27th, 2006 @ 02:49 pm
So yeah, for those who don't know... I'M BACK!

I'll try and do write up of my trip sometime but the thought of doing so is a bit daunting. Needless to say, I had an awesome time! It's also awesome to see you guys again. It was great catching up with people at The Rosemount on Wednesday. Sorry I didn't make it out over the weekend but I'm still trying to get sleeping patterns sorted out. I over compensated a bit and went from staying up until 5am to falling asleep at 5pm. I seem to have got myself back into gear now so people want to catch up just let me know when you're free. I'm pretty much free all the time at the moment having absolutely zero commitments at the moment.

Oh and go check out slushpup's Livejournal/Flickr for some of our Pukkelop (Pukkel is Dutch for Pimple) adventures! What grand adventures they were too!
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Other entries
» Duck!
Hello from Duck, North Carolina!

I'm hanging out here at this nice beach house crashing the family reunion of some friends of mine from when I lived in Indonesia. I bowed out on todays second trip to the beach due to not wanting to to burn my feet. In my minimal packing I didn't pack any sandals. After all, I'm an Aussie, we can brave a short walk on a hot surface! Well first off, I've never been that great at handling things shoeless and the walk to the beach is about five minutes or so. I was able to handle it but I feel like I need to give my feet a day to recover before putting them through it again. Of course next time someone's heading to Wal*Mart I think I'll have to join them and pick up a cheap pair.

The other thing I've been really enjoying is some competitive foosball games. I love foosball, it's my favourite pub game. I even have my own foosball table. However, it doesn't get much use because the second thing people say after noticing that I own one is that they're going to play me because I must be so awesome at it (the first thing most people say is "cool, a foosball table"). Now I consider myself to be a decent player but I'm not some crazy foosball master because I never have anyone to play with. When we went up to Connecticut for the film shoot there was a foosball table at the house. It was great fun except that no one else there had really played much foosball. It took a lot of trying to teach people good foosball sense for the games to get interesting but there still wasn't any challenge. But now, I've got a total of about five players around the same skill range which is making for some games. I shouldn't get so excited about foosball.

Of course getting excited about foosball is better than getting pissed off at airlines. It seems that group of travelers had some sort of problem with their airline. I got here a full 24 hours late! Might flight out of Midland got continually delayed and didn't end up flying out until 3 hours and 15 minutes past it's scheduled departure time. After the first hour of delay it had completely screwed up my connecting flights. I ended up rescheduling my connections three times with the last one forcing me to stay another night in Midland (which was better then being stranded in some city where I have no one to stay with). It actually turned out to be really good since I got to spend another day with my friends there and I was arriving earlier than my friends over here. The other travelers here were struck with delays as well a lot of missing luggage. Beware of Norfolk airport! I think it may be cursed.

Speaking of Midland I had a great time there, there wasn't much to do but I didn't really want to do much. I did almost get arrested since it seems blowing shit up is a way the local kids entertain themselves. While firecrackers and stuff are legal to buy there, they're not legal to use when there's a high fire risk due to lack of rain going on. I'm also unsure of how legal it is to tape a bunch of them together to make a decent explosion. I was just a spectator in this, but it's a good thing the cop was my friends neighbour because the last thing I need when traveling is a charge relating to explosives. On my extra day in Midland it did finally get some rain. And by some I mean flash flood which managed to bring my friends' 4WD to it's knees.

The other thing that was really interesting to get the stark contrast of big town New York and small town Midland (if people want me to blabber more about New York on here just ask in the comments because I could blabber of forever but I really don't feel like typing it all out). Still for a small town it's done some big things. It's where the use of downward force on race car aerodynamics was first utilised. You know all those wings on your sports cars? Well you have Midland to thank for that. Also, last years winner of the Tribeca Film Festival Best Short Film Award lives in Midland and I got to meet him and talk to him about the production business he runs there. Oh and that guy who's running America came from there too.

Well, I think that's enough of an update for now! Hope you're all doing well!
» Howdy Y'all!
Well here I am in Midland, Texas. New York went out with a bang. Went down to Coney Island for the (FREE!) Siren Music Festival and then went down to Gay Street to attend a rooftop party for the crew of a student film I worked on the weekend before (up in Connecticut). In case I didn't warn people after my trip home from Melbourne, don't fly hung over! It wasn't quite as bad as my trip back from Melbourne probably due to the fact that hard liquer doesn't sit very well in my stomach. Ah exciting times.

So it's been quite a while since I last updated. It feels really daunting to even try to tell you about everything. If there's something you want me to elaborate on (bands, the class, filming in Connecticut, visiting museums, watching Kobayshi beat his record), let me know. I will say that if you ever go down to Coney Island you must ride the Cyclone roller-coaster. It may look pretty tame but the thing is incredibly rickety and designed well before roller-coaster designers started taking in things such as rider comfort. You get thrown around a lot! So yeah, if you want to know more about New York just ask.

What am I up to know in Texas? Well... not a whole lot. There's not that much to do here but after New York I'm really in the mood to slack off. Just getting a decent sleep has been great!

Also, if you didn't see slushpup's post me and slushpup will be going to Belgium for the Pukkelpop festival where we will get to se BECK!!! plus a lot of other awesome artists. I also plan to try and get in some fine Belgian beer and chocolate.
» New York Update
Hey guys, it's been a while since I last updated. Sorry. It's just that sitting at a computer and typing out live journal entries seems very counter productive when there's so much to see and do in New York. Still it's important to keep in contact with everyone. Well the course has been going very well so far. The other week we discovered that we have access to a seemingly unlimited supply of film. Whenever we end up budgeting our film wrong and needing more they seem to have no problem with giving us more to shoot with. Due to this we've started to adopt some very bad habits of just shooting lots of film instead of rehearsing a shot until we get it right and then rolling. Why rehearse when you can just keep shooting until you get it right? Of course the reason we have this large supply is so we can experiment and try things out and we do a bit of that as well. It's great fun compared to when we only had one 100ft roll of film to shoot our ad at ECU.

want to know more about what I've been up to? Then go behind the cut to read on! Oooh, excitement!Collapse )
» Wyld Stallyns Rule!
So !!! are playing in Brooklyn this Sunday. I had tried to buy a ticket last week but had some problems with the credit card. I got the problems sorted out only to find that TicketWeb no longer had any tickets available. I tried to call the venue to see if they had any (just got an answering machine) and even went to the venue but the there was no one there (even though their website says the box office is open between 4pm and 11pm). I became a sad little panda. The thought of having to be in the vicinity of a !!! concert and not actually go to a !!! concert is torture. Unless... I had some other exciting New York dance-punk band to see. One that I might actually hold in even higher regard than !!!. Hmmm... who could that be...

Druzzi's Wyld Stallyns!

Which band features Gabriel "Druzzi" Andruzzi and is the only band to have left DFA records? Why I think that might just be The Rapture! And if you look at the Crash Mansion site the gig is actually listed as 'Rapture Benefit Show'. My ticket has been purchased and you no longer have to worry about me compromising my morals to get into the !!! show.

I'll give a proper update on what I've been up to some time soon. I come down with a cold but haven't got a busy week planned so I should have time to update. For now I'm going to go pop another cold tablet and hit the sack.
» Hello Again!
Okay I haven't updated for a while and a lot have things have been happening. Believe it or not, but there's a lot of things going on in New York. Oh and it seems there were some really bad photos of me taken at Don Hills the night I arrived. While Sparks can make you seem happy and awake, it doesn't stop you from looking like you've just spent an entire day in airplane.

To start with, the cinematography class I've been doing has been really good so far. The teacher is a really great guy and most of the people in the class seem pretty cool. The equipment we get to work with is absolutely awesome. A great range of lights and really fancy professional dollies too. While I'm a bit behind the class it seems like I'm not the furthest behind and others have stuffed up much more than me, this has made me feel more comfortable. Yesterday I was actually showing people how to load and use the camera (it seems of the people who didn't know this stuff I was the only one who looked up and read the manuals... and then forgot everything when they got to class, reread them all over the weekend and came back an expert this week).

They call everything by different names over here it took me a while to discover that a 'stinger' is actually a power cord. Set procedure is the big thing that's taking me a while to get a hold of seeing as we actually follow a proper set procedure here. I got in trouble for not saying the correct thing when rolling the camera last week. We've always said "camera rolling" but your supposed to say "speed". The terminology comes from the fact that in early days you had to wait for the camera to get up to the full shooting speed and that's when you yell out. It actually turned out that my assistant camera man hadn't set the camera speed correctly so my not yelling "speed" was technically correct. I've learnt quite a lot already and there's still a lot more to go. It should be good.

This is going to be long, I better put the rest of this behind some cuts:

Architecture In Helsinki & Clue To KaloCollapse )

5th Avenue Apple Store Opening (with dogey celeb photos!)Collapse )

more bands and other random stuffCollapse )
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